"Olympus" sign and logo

Task:    Develop a sign and a logotype for the figure skating club of "Olympus".

Our task was to realize the vision of the client. It was necessary to carry out the synthesis of the plastic follows: skates for figure skating, wings, ornate lines on the ice. A lot of time was spent on analysis of existing graphics. It was necessary to develop a unique design based on the classic images. As a result, we get the original solution as a combination of sign and logo.


Work on the project began with mapping associations.

Next fulfilled the key visuals. Parallel test our designs, for a match with existing solutions, using Anti-plagiarism system.

Prepare a presentation of sketches to client. Vectorizing the selected one.

At the same time with vectorizing the sign shape we start to work on a logo and their mutual arrangement.

Parallel looking for color scheme.

The customer asks to try a variant with position mark on the top of logo. This option is like the most. We continue to work with color.

The client asks to make the color more vivid.

Conceptually, like everything, we go to the final finishing of shapes and colors. All is ready. We hand over the job!