"Nastoyashaya brinza" packag design
Sign, logo and package design
"Creative clouds"
Conceptual model of the visual brand identity
"Krimskoe maslo" label
Brochure "Crimean Bulgarians"
Web portal "Crimean records"
"Crimea peoples encyclopedia"
"The Russian World"
Tan and Ayran label design
Archetype typology of the brand
SinBioMACA packaging design
"Krimskiy sir" corporate identity
"Adel" information poster
SinBioMACA label
"Vse dlya krohi" presentation
SinBioMACA graphic sign
"Lulabe" Landing Page
"Chistaya voda"
Brand image
Branding move marketing
"FoodieExpress" website
Sign genesis of visual-graphic brand identity
Icons for "Mitos"
Sign and a logo for «BigBoi»
Label for "Mecator"
"Vse dlya krohi" catalog
User interface for "Foodie Express"
Series of posters for "Mitos"
MCO dinner party
"Corporate identity" VS "VIS"
"Mitos" interface
"Crimean records" presentation
PRO100okno landing page
MCO advertising
New brief
MitosStar sign and logo
"Umbro" catalog
"Olympus" sign and logo
New leaflet for Tutti Piatti
RAW website
MCO spring concert brochure
Pizza and sushi GoodFood delivery service
"From the business theory to practice" landing page
New menu for the "Yerevan" restaurant
Crimean Armenian Beauty 2014
PSG catalog
«Porta D» packaging
New posters for «AndroidLand»
MCO dinner party menu
CAYC logotype
"Miranda Media" corporate identity
"TravelHire" collateral
Sauna and Spa in the "Yerevan"
MCO concert advertising
Infomercial for "Yerevan" hotel
"Skin Cleaner" Spa Printed Design new magazine and e-newspaper
TuttiPiatti flyer
«Prime Pharma» company brochure
The Germans of Crimea. Spirit of survival
«Complete Connect» presentation
«Introduction to cultural anthropology»
CUCA&T Annual Report
Product linesheet for «Brent»
«» magazine
Collateral for MCO
«Nutrition Cafe» logo
«Skin Cleaner» collateral design
Label for «Gardens of Crimea»
«Yerevan» website
Booklet for «Softgen»
CUCA&T 2014 Promotional Materials
Simferopol's brand
«Softgen» logo
Substrate under the cutlery
Cafe «Chekov» poster
Kitchen design
«Yerevan» Hotel logo
CUCA&T website
«AndroidLand»'s greetings
Studies in Armenology in Ukraine
CUCA&T promotional stands
«Android Land» advertising campaign
«Android Land» catalog #2
Case for CUCA&T Gold sign
Stele for town of Stary Krym
Brochure for the «Veley-Prof»
Promotional flyers for «AndroidLand»
«Chekov» cafe business cards
«Dream Town» card-price
«Linar» booklet
CUCA&T commemorative plate
«Android Land» catalog #1
«M-Service» catalog
Channel Seven Logo
CUCA&T stained glass
CUCAaT interior
«Dreamtown» menu
«Aquasistems» poster
Magazine «Our University»
Booklet for entrants
Conference materials
«UAU» logo
New «Dream Town» billboard
«Nickel» request form
Poster «Crimean World»
Cafe «Chekov» menu
Billboard for CUCA&T
«Aquasistems» brand identity
Journal «Tavricheskie studii»
«Yerevan» restaurant menu
«Linar» logo
Book «Political Science»
CUCA&T brand identity
Book «Crimea: Surb Chach Monastery»
«Rosomacha» corporate identity
The book «Youth vs Culture»
Tan and Ayran new labels
Brochure about the Crimean Armenians
«Dream Town» billboard
Booklet «Armenian Genocide»
«PrintPix» corporate identity
Book «Descended from the ark»
Book «Homeland in the Heart»
«Armenians in Crimea» map
Book GPW Armenians in the battles for Crimea
«Masis Dove» magazine
"Iximo" naming and logo
Crimean Entrepreneurship Week
Round table
CUCA&T reporting concert
«AndroidLand» taxi arrangement