Layout of the magazine "Art and cinema"

Task:    to make your own periodical on the prototype.

In the framework of teaching the discipline "Computer graphics", in the second year, students perform work on the layout of their own periodical on the prototype. The main goal is to explore the possibilities of the software. However, when the "dry" instrumentality is complemented by an artistic approach, the student better assimilates new knowledge and develops the necessary skills.

The task is divided into several stages. At the beginning, the student chooses a prototype of the periodical he likes, on the basis of which he wants to make his own edition. This approach allows the student to get acquainted with existing design solutions, their stylistics, analyze the complexity of execution.

Next, the student determines the topic of his publication and collects materials: articles, illustrations, photos, etc. After that, the technical preparation of the text for layout is carried out.

Finally comes the stage of layout, in which the student studies the software and at the same time solves the artistic problem of adapting their content to the chosen design of the prototype of the periodical.

Presented below is a high-quality layout of the periodical "Art of cinema", made at the Department of Book graphics and design of printed products, faculty of Information and printing technologies, Tauride Academy, Vernadsky CFU.