Theory of complex systems: noospheric context

Task:    Develop a concept design and make the layout of the book.

A scientific discovery is not made every day, and not every day a designer has the opportunity to present it to the world. However, our Tagart design studio was lucky – we designed the monograph of O. A. Gabrielyan, I. E. Suleimenov "Theory of complex systems: noospheric context". It is significant that the results of the research conducted by the authors over the past fifteen years are presented to the general public in the year of the 160th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Vernadsky, the founder of the doctrine of the noosphere. The book is published by the V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University.

The book is designed in such a way that it can be read in two ways: thoughtfully and fluently. The first method involves reading the entire text, and the second – only fragments highlighted in purple. A fluent reading allows you to get acquainted with the basic ideas.

The authors note that the monograph should be considered as a continuation of the scientific tradition about the noosphere. A new methodological principle is proposed — a neural network approach designed, among other things, for the analysis of an actively emerging reality (noosphere) — an information and communication environment. The noosphere itself is considered as a complex system. Its neural network model is being built, which is applicable to various subsystems of the noosphere regardless of their nature. A different mechanism for the evolution of complex systems, different from Darwin's theory, is proposed.

On March 29, 2023, the presentation of the monograph was held at the V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University.

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