KARDT visual identification

Task:    Develop a visual identification system for the Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater named after M. Gorky.

When mixing a high-quality design product, a magic drop is always added to it - an innovative, predictive vision, a problem to be solved. Only a true creator can be able to foresee, and even predetermine, the future.

When studying the basics of graphic design, students identify and analyze the problem of the consumer, for which they later develop a solution - a design product, visual-graphical communication.

In the first semester of the fifth year, at the Department of book graphics and design of printed materials CFU V. Vernadsky, students develop complexes of visual identification (in common people - corporate identity) for various companies and organizations.

In the fall semester, Yana Pleshakova, developed a corporate identity for the Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater (KARDT) named after M. Gorky. In close cooperation with representatives of the theater, the concept of the "triangle" was invented. One of the peaks of this triangle is the viewer (observer), the other two are the opposition, the collision of which gives rise to action on the stage, for example, the struggle between good and evil.

The graphic-geometric experiment of Yana Pleshakova allows you to "look" at the concept of the classical academic theater from a new, alternative angle, which, perhaps, better meets the spirit of the times.