Greeks. Crimean Hellas

Task:    develop the design of a multi-page publication.

Greeks entered the Crimean land in the sixth century BC. They built cities, cultivated the land, and created the Bosporan Kingdom. Their contribution to the history of Taurida is difficult to exaggerate, it was and remains significant. The book-album "The Greeks. Crimean Hellas" draws an image of the world of the Crimean Greeks and reveals their cultural code.

Authors-compilers: I. A. Shonus, O. M. Pipia, Yu. N. Laptev, A. O. Gabrielyan, N. V. Budurova. The project manager is the chairman of the Regional National-Cultural Autonomy of the Greeks of the Republic of Crimea "Tavrida" Ivan Shonus.

The publication is part of a large research project "Crimean World" (headed by Doctor of Philosophy Gabrielyan O. A.), within which books dedicated to the culture of the peoples of the Crimea have been published:
 •  Crimea. Armenians. Ten Centuries of Creation (2006, 2008)
 •  Crimean Armenian Miniature (2008)
 •  Ukraine. Jews. Tavrida the unquenchable candle (2008)
 •  The Germans of the Crimea. The Spirit of Resilience (2016)
 •  Russian World: the Cultural Space of Crimea (2016)
 •  Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Crimea (2016)
 •  Bulgarians of Crimea. Return to the roots (2018)
 •  The Greeks. Crimean Hellas (2022)

The design concept of the publication is based on a metaphor – "the thread of fate", which has found a visual embodiment in the form of an elegant, mobile, curving line. With its help, the amazing history of the Crimean Greeks from ancient times to the present day is told from page to page.

The development of the design concept and layout of the publication were carried out by Gabrielyan A. O. and Gabrielyan T. O. Illustrations were prepared by graduates and students of the Department of Graphic Art and Communicative Design: Galochkina A. A. and Gonchar A. A. Photographic materials processing significant assistance provided by students of the department: Avdeenko A. S., Korolchak D. D., Vovk D. D., Ustinova V. V., Polienko D. B.


December 8, 2022 at the I. Ya. Franko Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library, the book-album "The Greeks. Crimean Hellas" presented.