Dynamic identity for interior furniture centers My place

Task:    Create an dynamic identity for the network of interior furniture centers My place.

My place is a place where everyone can pick up high-quality and beautiful furniture to their liking. Newlyweds will find the best bedroom, and lovers of lying down will find a soft, comfortable sofa. Keepers of the hearth — the kitchen, where the dishes will turn out incredibly tasty. Bachelors will appreciate comfortable chairs. At the same time, everyone will be satisfied with the price and the attitude of the interior center team.

The main idea of ​​the dynamic identity can be traced in the graphic sign — the space of the interior (square) and the person in the center of this space. The contour of the opened door is added to the main space, into which a new interior element is introduced.

The circle symbolizing a person changes its color depending on the main color of the furniture. The color of the circle, as it were, hints at some kind of spiritual connection between a person and his new acquisition.

The main color is neutral black, which goes well with any rich and pastel shades. However, overly saturated shades should still be muffled a little.

The main typeface is Montserrat. It is recommended use in all communications.

The main pattern is formed from a set of graphic blocks of the main and additional filled space.

If necessary, the symbolic form of "man", the circle, can be changed. On the one hand, it can adapt to the shape of furniture in additional space, on the other hand, it can metaphorically convey the idea of ​​a person’s character and his tastes.


For the correct work with the identity in the course of communications, a guide was developed for the use of style elements. The guide is laid out as a landing page. This allows you to get to the description of the characteristics of the style, as well as to all source files from anywhere in the world.