"Chistaya voda"

Task:     to develop a design concept for the brand "Chistaya voda".

"Chistaya voda" is a Crimean trademark of filtered water. The manufacturer ordered the design concept, which will become a unified graphics system for a wide range of products. In this concept, the schedule of three types of products is processed: ordinary filtered water, lemonade based on natural syrup, specially prepared water for people leading an active lifestyle.


The main feature of the design program of the graphic sign is the effect of water splashing. In the central part, the drops collect in different images. For this stage of the concept development the following graphic images: Swallow's Nest in Yalta, a monument to the flooded ships in Sevastopol, the silhouette of the Crimean Peninsula, the tower with the clock of the Simferopol station etc.


Futura Round is used as the base font. But each inscription requires a change in the outline, to give the effect of water.


For the pattern, a design program has also been developed. It involves the construction of a seamless pattern based on a certain principle of distribution of elements. The saturation of the pattern may vary depending on the amount of spray.

Prototypes of labels