Graphical user interface and animation design educational and methodical manual

Task:    Prepare educational and methodological manuals about design of graphical user interfaces and animation.

Teaching aids are intended for students in the field of training 54.05.03 Graphics in the study of the discipline "Communicative and multimedia design". The manuals provide all the necessary information about the theory and practice of creating graphical user interfaces and animated works. Special attention is paid to the creation of an integral artistic and design work.

The educational and methodological manual "Animated Work" describes the process of creating: a literary script, preparing a director's script, working out characters, performing staging and filming, editing, rendering and compositing. The manual "Graphical user interface" contains a description of: stages of preparation of user scenarios, information architecture, design of graphical components, prototyping and usability testing.

Teaching aids contain the material necessary for the implementation of practical and independent work of students.

Educational and methodological manual "Graphical user interface"
Educational and methodological manual "Animated artwork"