Archetype typology of the brand



Tigran Gabriyelyan

Full title of the article:    The role of archetype in visual-graphic typology of the brand

Abstract:    This article examines the influence of archetypes (images of the collective unconsciousness) on visual and graphic language of the brand. Systemformation is considered as a process of realization (formation of system design features, such as letterhead) from elements that are in deconstruction state (e.g., logo). The basis of system are the principle of identifying the main idea of brand archetype, and clarifying in project typologies. Main idea leads to the formation of clarifying the characteristics of style in further details, which has a communication with an archetype. This illustrates in the form of hierarchical relations from the archetype to the typologies and their drill that combines the elements of the brand to each other – forming style. Thus, the meaning of the main idea, graphically represented in every visual message of the brand.
   In turn, complexation clarifies the way in the measured characteristics of the approach, allowing speaking about creating a graphic language that can be described, subsequently understood and recreated by various designers, while maintaining a single, coherent visual language for the brand.
   Using Nike (the manufacturer of sportswear and footwear) as an example tested the hypothesis about the possibility of constructing the model representations of the underlying archetype brand typologies. First, explored the archetypal element of the Nike trademark, which is the basic graphical symbol and conveys the basic idea of the brand – Just do it. After that identified three design typologies (golf, football, basketball). Each of them is a separate socio-cultural space of the group of persons, requiring individual visual and graphic design approach. There are three (Mercurial, CTR360, Total90) visual-graphical systems of the products (subtypes) in the typology of «football», that have a semantic relationship with the main typology. They are revealed through the following meanings: Mercurial – speed, CTR360 – full control, Total90 – accuracy. Each product has its own logo, which reflects the basic idea of the brand is transmitted through a local sense in the context of the subtype. Mercurial sign graphic depicts the transition from bold font to normal – acceleration idea; in contrast CTR360 thin and drenched in bold letters renders the idea of absolute control; 0 Total90 mark graphically represented as the target passes the sense of precision and accuracy.
   It also analyzes Nike posters graphics on the subject of the semantic relationships of the subtypes with the basic archetype. Thus, the brand gets another level of detail of design typology to more accurately interact with the consumer. Made conclusion about the need to describe the style of the brand in the systemformation and complexing categories to design a long-term communicative visual-graphic strategies.

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